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Part of our research as players should be done, I think, reading and investigating about the life of composers, guitar makers, interpreters... to know who they were, what they thought about life and music and the problematics and challenges they had to deal in their existence. As I always said to my students, they're our best friends. Their are walking beside us for our entire life. So, don't spend your daily work only playing. To read some books can make your vision of a piece more deep and intense, on stage and teaching!

Masterclass online Rossiniana op. 119 by Mauro Giuliani-Introduzione

Last week I had the pleasure to met the Argentinian guitarist Max Balanowsky for the first time for an online lesson and he maked me discovering that it is possible to record the lessons in Skype. As usual in my lessons, I like to do a deep analisy of the musical and technical elements contained in the pieces, here concerning the Introduzione of the first Rossiniana by Mauro Giuliani. In my opinion, those elements are really important to create beauty in our playing and I’m strongly convinced that to feel and understand totally a piece make the interpretation more powerful in the communication we are creating on the stage. I like when the students determine the events and do not succumb to t

New students and new collaboration with my colleague Lukasz Kuropaczewski at KUG for the WS 2020

We are so happy to welcome such an incredible roster of students to our classes at the Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz!!! Thanks to our new Vice Rector, who is very pleased with our cooperation, Lukasz Kuropaczewski and myself will welcome and SHARE 6 students this coming year! Welcome: Andrzej Grygier (Poland) Jagoda Świdzińska (Poland) Kacper Dworniczak (Poland) Antonia Haslinger (Austria) Cristina Galietto (Italy) and Dominik Carevic (who starting this year will also study with both of us). Wow! We are so proud of our classes!

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