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Simon Ambridge

Yesterday, I found this wonderful article in the last issue of "Il Fronimo" (July 2021) about Julian Bream and his contribution on the evolution of classical guitar he started around the ‘60. I discoverer I had in common with the legendary Maestro, the same love and obsession for a guitar made by Herman Hauser on 1940, ex Albert Augustine, to me, one of the most fascinating sound created by the human beings in guitar history. It was also interesting to know that, from the ‘90 (the year he got the instrument from Rose Augustine to record his Bach album, giving back her 15 years later ), Bream started to commission a copy of this guitar to several makers and the only one he holded for himself from 2009 was the reproduction done by Simon Ambridge, instrument he gave in inheritance to Jonathan Leathwood when he realised his hands cannot reproduce anymore the wonderful music he created during his long life. So, I feel more than proud and happy to own one of the extraordinary guitars of Maestro Ambridge, probably the only maker I know (I was also doing a long research to find a similar copy of the Hauser ‘40) with the talent, sensitivity and abilities to build a guitar almost identical to the milestone of Hauser dynasty! Last Suturday, it was the 70th birthday of Simon. Pity I read the article only yesterday. Cheers Maestro!!!

More information about Simon Ambridge's guitars at this link:


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