Do you have any places available for the next year 2021-2022? 

Probably, I'll have availability for two or three students.


When do I have to send the application for the entrance exams?

You have two possibility to try it. One for the Winter Semester (July) and one for the Summer Semester (February). These are the deadlines:



WS: 3rd of June

SS: 13th of January



WS: 1st of May

SS: 1st of December


The next exams are on 8th of July 2021.


At this link you can find the application form: 







Which are the programs for the entrance exams?

Click here to see all the information:







Which are the programs for the internal exams?

Click here to see all the information:







Is it possible to visit you in Graz for an audition?

Yes, of course. You can write me and we can fix an appointment. Maybe, before, you could send me a video where a can see and listen your playing.



There are possibilities to enter in your class using the Erasmus exchange?

Of course yes. For more information contact the Kug Erasmus coordinator,

Ms. Irene Hofmann-Wellenhof: irene.hofmann-wellenhof@kug.ac.at 


Usually, I got the applications from the Erasmus office on March-April and after to watching the videos I have to communicate my selection to the Erasmus coordinator.





Do you have an entrance exam?

For those who plan to attend at the SGA Perfection Courses, it will be necessary to pass an admission examination sending a video containing the program for the course you wish to attend (via youtube, vimeo, WeTransfer, Sendspace, etc.) within Saturday 12th of September 2020. You can check it at the web-site of the Academy:




How are organized the lessons?

Generally, we have 8 meetings, one per month from October to June during a weekend (Saturday and Sunday).

The students can decide to have one or two lessons every meeting.


Are the dates of the lessons for the year 2020-2021 already fixed?

Yes they are: 

16, 12 and 8 lessons courses (only Paolo Pegoraro)


2020: 3-4 October, 14-15 November, 5-6 December.


2021: 6-7 February, 13-14 and 27-28 March, 17-18 April, 8-9 and 22-23 May, 12-13 and 26-27 June.


8 lessons courses (Adriano Del Sal and Paolo Pegoraro)


2020: 31 October-1 November, 19-20 December.

2021: 20-21 February, 10-11 April.


Only with me, it is possible to arrange other dates in the days from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 14:00 o’clock.


ATTENTION: due the COVID-19, the students can attend the courses also online.



Here, you can find all the information:







Are the lessons with both the teachers?

Usually yes, but you can decide also to have lesson only with one teacher.


Is it a recognized degree?

No, it's only an artistic title.


Is it possible to take lessons only for a short period?

Yes it is. Many students,especially from abroad, come for two or three months. Also,some players come before an important event (concert or competition) in order some artistic advice.


How is it possible to do the subscription?

You can do it filling in the format below:






In which languages will be held the lessons?

In Italian, English and Spanish.


Do you have a brochure about the SGA?

Yes. Click in the following botton.






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