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Where I teach

"Teaching is a very important element in my way of being a musician: I couldn't live without it. I like trying to help other people learn more about themselves and the world around them. When I teach, I try to understand what the right and important things to say are at the moment, and I use a great variety of information (technical, musical, expressive, stylistic, cultural, the human and everyday aspects). I believe it is very important to encourage motivation, which triggers in the students the desire to express themselves and to evolve, giving their best."


I'm corrently teaching at the Universitat für Musik und darstelende Kunst in Graz (Austria) and at the

Segovia Guitar Academy in Pordenone (Italy). About these schools, you can find more information at the F.A.Q. section.






Summer masterclass


During the Summer, I'm usually giving masterclasses in different International Music Festivals all around the world. Check it out to see where I'll be during the year in course.

Trailer Mikulov Guitar Festival

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