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Paolo Pegoraro (FaraRecords 2010)

Sevillana (Fantasia) op. 29

Three Catalan Folksong


Sonata III

Premiére Fantaisie op. 5


Ciaccona BWV 1004






M.M.Ponce Fossa


J.S. Bach



… Paolo Pegoraro’s proposal sounds like a poetic and expressive oasis of absolute value, a demonstration of how much beauty can be drawn from a music page with a guitar... A must-have recording, to listen again and again!

Piero Viti, Guitart, October 2011


... The sublime art of this extraordinary performer is in the service of a repertoire of the highest level, giving rise to a marvelous, unmissable recording...

Ermanno Brignolo, Seicorde 2011, Best CD of the month *****


... Pegoraro’s expressive intimism, played on a search of timbres that do not hide emotions, emphasizes through pearly sounds, the melancholically “unrepeatable” character, conveyed to the listener, of a world that no longer exists...

Paola Troncone, Dotguitar 2011


... A Sonata III by Manuel Ponce that has literally moved us...

Francesco Biraghi, Il Fronimo, October 2011


... in this CD you can listen a very powerful expression...

Gendai Guitar Japan 2011

CD awarded with  “La chitarra d’oro” at the Alessandria Guitar Convention, as the best CD of the year 2010

Solo (Real Sound 2000)


J.S. Bach






F.Martin Narvaez



Valses poeticos

Sonata BWV 1001


Fantaisie Hongroise op.65 n. 1

Barcarola y Vals op. 8 n. 4


Quatre pieces breves


Cancion del Emperador



... Pegoraro turns musician elegant and attentive chisel subtleties of interpretation. ... The best moments on the cd are those where the interpreter must translate the delicate and intimate pathos of some pages and really at this juncture Pegoraro is of highest honors... An artistic product of considerable value, very well recorded, very well planned, very well played!

Francesco Biraghi, Il Fronimo, July 2001


... The Pegoraro interpretations always point to a neat and deep reading, not so much inclined to search for the easy effect, but rather aimed at the revelation of details are often unexpected ...

Piero Viti, Guitart, 


... Paolo plays the notes as a series of pearls, clear one after another and now is the extraordinary thing: he has pearls of all sizes and all shades of color, he puts together in a way that will produce a effect of strong compactness and harmony. Paolo follows his musical ideas without compromise: accelerating, and evaporates the sentence where it is necessary for reasons of musical logic and not because of technical problems. This is an extraordinary thing in the guitar world. Paolo Pegoraro is, I can only repeat once more, the discovery of the year!

Peter Päffgen, Gitarre und Laute n° 26 *****


Review from the Spanish guitar magazine "Roseta"-September 2014

Viva Sevilla (Guitart 2005)
Italian Guitar Consort


F.Garcia Lorca











Cuatro canciones clasicas

Cuatro canciones Antiguas Espanolas


Suite from "Concierto Madrigal"

Cuatro Tonadillas


Cuatro madrigales amatorios






Les Perle de la Musique Francaise (2001)




Music by C.Debussy, M.Ravel, A.Tansman, J.Iber





Festival Darmstadter Gitarrentage (2004 - 2008)




Music by J.K.Mertz, H.W.Henze





Mikulov Festival 2008




Music by M.M.Ponce, E.Satie





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