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New Bach's transcriptions in the shop

These new transcriptions of the second and third cello Suite BWV 1008 and 1009 by Johann Sebastian Bach, is the result of many years of research, in style and interpretation, both as a performer and as a teacher.

For my transcription, I have always kept foremost Bach’s original text from every point of view, while making the edition as suitable as possible for a plucked instrument. I have sought to recall the emotional language and timbre of the Baroque lute, the Prince of Instruments in Bach’s time.

In the file, you'll find a version with my fingerings, a version with the original Bach's slurs without fingerings and a copy of the original Bachian manuscript.

Here you can read the first page of the Preludes:

You can listen the whole suites in my interpretation at this link:

Here, the link to purchase the score:


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