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Masterclass online Rossiniana op. 119 by Mauro Giuliani-Introduzione

Last week I had the pleasure to met the Argentinian guitarist Max Balanowsky for the first time for an online lesson and he maked me discovering that it is possible to record the lessons in Skype. As usual in my lessons, I like to do a deep analisy of the musical and technical elements contained in the pieces, here concerning the Introduzione of the first Rossiniana by Mauro Giuliani. In my opinion, those elements are really important to create beauty in our playing and I’m strongly convinced that to feel and understand totally a piece make the interpretation more powerful in the communication we are creating on the stage. I like when the students determine the events and do not succumb to them.A great musician has the total comprehension of the piece he/she interpretate and, after a long process of learning, on stage, the player enter in a kind of trance and become a medium to transmit the emotions contained in the pieces. During the lessons we spoke also about many other things connected with teaching and guitar world. So, I hope this video tutorial can help someone to see a possible approach to a work.The lesson is in Spanish. So, I have to apologize the “ispanicos” for all the mistakes I’m doing in my speach… I always said I speak more "Itagnol" than real Spanish. I've also discoverd that the tone of my voice is too sustained teaching online... it is because you never know what they are listening on the other side... sorry also for that...I would like to thank Max for the permission to upload the lesson in YouTube.

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