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As announced in one of my last posts in Facebook, here the first video I recorded in the last weeks. After a short clip I posted few months ago where I was playing Bach, I got a big numbers of kind messages with the requests to record something. I have to admit that I had a lot of fun and it was very nice to learnt how to make it. I think I’ll continuous in the future, recording pieces I love. Unfortunately, for an health problem, I had to stop my concert activity in 2013… you cannot imagine how much I miss the stage, sometimes. This is my way to play for you and to show how much I love music. They are homemade, not professional videos. So, I hope you'll enjoy it in any case! Feel free to share and to subscribe to my YT channel if you like. I would love to thanks D’Addario for supporting me since 2010, my friends Lukasz Kuropaczewski, Zsombor Sidoo and my wife Linda for helping, patience and support!

Here the link:


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