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Kug's students final concerts after lockdown for COVID-19

Super trilled to present a short series of concerts recorded by my fantastic students at Kug in Graz with pieces we worked during the long lockdown. These are the calendared events:

11.06 George Dimitrov (Bulgaria)

15.06 Marcin Kuzniar (Poland)

18.06 Urbaan Reiter (Slovenia)

22.06 Sara Celardo (Italy)

25.06 Silvia Kopacova (Slovakia)

29.06 Dominik Carevic (Croatia)

2.07 Nikica Polegubic (Croatia)

6.07 Zsombor Sidoo (Hungaria)

9.07 Dejan Rumpf (Slovenia)

All concerts at 5 pm (Rome time).

Here the link to the YouTube channel:

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