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Master final exam



  • J.S.Bach: a “Suite, Sonata, or Partita” for Lute, Violin or Cello from BWV 995-998 and 1006a, 1001-1006, 1007-1012 or “Ciaccona” BWV 1004.


  • A Concert for guitar and orchestra from the XIX or XX Century chosen above:

      M.Giuliani “Concerti op. 30, 36 or 70”, F.Carulli “Concert in E minor”, M.Ponce “Concierto del Sur”, J.Rodrigo             “Concierto de Aranjuez”, M.Castelnuovo-Tedesco “Concerto in Re op. 99”, H.Villa-Lobos “Concerto”,                         M.Ohana “Tres graficos”, L.Berkeley- “Concerto” or other with the same degree.


  • Rappresentative works chosen from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism and Romanticism.


  • Rappresentative works chosen from the XX Century like M.Ponce “Sonata III”, Castelnuovo-Tedesco “Sonata op. 77”, A.José “Sonata para guitarra”, J.Manen “Fantasia-Sonata”, L.Berkeley “Sonatina”, B.Britten “Nocturnal op. 70”, M.Arnold “Fantasy op. 107”, A.Ginastera “Sonata op. 47”, J.Rodrigo “Invocacion y danza”, L.Berio “Sequenza XI”, L.Brouwer “Sonata” or other with the same degree.



Total time: 120 min.



The student has to play two concerts of 50 minutes each one, during a month.

The first concert program will be selected by a teacher commission (50 minutes from 70 minutes presented), six weeks before the exam. The second one, will be selected by the student. 

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